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Warranty and Return Policy

Oukei provides a 3 year warranty for all models of their robots. Due to the advanced and durability of these machines, most of the problems (90%) can be solved through technical support. Technical support will still be available as long as you own the robot.

For the first year, defective robots can be sent to the Oukei service department in Southern California for repair. Return shipping will be paid for you and replacement parts will be shipped to you with no charge.

For the second and third year, replacement parts will be sold at wholesale price and shipping fees will be applied. Parts will be sent from the Oukei Southern California parts department.

After the first three years, replacement parts will be charged at the manufacture retail price plus shipping cost, and the serial number of the robot is needed.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you must initiate a return within 14 days of receiving the product. A 15% restocking fee applies on any non-damaged Oukei Robot that is returned. All parts must be returned in the original box. A shipping label will be provided, but return shipping fees are paid by the customer.

Service Inquiries

For Service inquiries, please use the form below. Please include the machine’s serial number, which can be found at the back-bottom of the machine, the date of purchase, and where it was purchased from.