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Oukei TW-2700-08C

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The Oukei TW-2700-08C provides players with many different features for customized play and practice. Players can choose from up to 9 landing points for long range balls and 9 landing points for short range points, for a total of 18 different landing points on the table tennis court.

Different modes can be set to ensure a variety of different landing points, making play more authentic. This makes the Oukei TW-2700-08C perfect for the intermediate competitive player looking for realistic practice sessions.

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Key features

  • 4 serving modes, 18 landing points, 9 different spins, and proper service.
  • 18 landing points that can be set in Self-Program mode for long and short range landings on the entire table tennis court as desired by the player.
  • Random Mode: Balls land randomly in either long range or short range on 18 possible points across the court, with a choice of landings on the entire width of the court, only the left side, or only the right side.
  • Mixed Random Mode: Balls can land randomly in a mixture of long range and short range across the court, for a total of 18 possible points, with a choice of landings on 1) the entire width of the court, 2) only the left side, or 3) only the right side.
  • Proper service (where ball is served and lands on both sides of court) is provided.
  • Timer and ball counter is set and shown by digital display.
  • Memory of the previous mode played can be restored for immediate replay.
  • Automatic Ball Recovery: a collection dish automatically feeds returned balls back into the machine, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • 9 spin modes to choose: Topspin, backspin, left-side spin, left-side topspin, left-side backspin, right-side spin, right-side topspin, right-side backspin and no spin (straight).
  • Double Spin Technology ensures different degrees of speed, curve and spin are served.

Free Accessories with this model:

  • 1 Ball collection net
  • 1 Handheld ball picker
  • 2 Spare spin gears
  • 70 Double Fish 1-star 40+ poly balls are included

(Operates 40+ poly balls only)

Click Here to download the 08C Product Manual

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 21.5 × 16 in


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