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Oukei TW-2700-ES9


The Oukei TW-2700-ES9 is our top of the line model of table tennis robots. Varying intensity of spin, from mild to powerful, are provided to accommodate training for all levels of players. It’s dual head design allows for more combinations of programs and serves. Topspins and backspins can be set within the same combination for a realistic simulation of a rally. Choose from a mixture of 18 different landing points and 9 types of spin, along with over 10 built-in programs!

FREE GIFTS!! With your purchase of this Oukei robot, you will get these awesome products included:

  • A 729 brand Young Series table tennis racket, model no 2020S (while supplies last)
  • Oukei table tennis racket case (while supplies last)

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Key features

  • Topspins and backspins can be served within the same combination
  • Features and functions: 6 serving modes, 18 landing points, 9 different spins and proper service.
  • Very powerful and mild forces of spin are provided to accommodate training for all types of players
  • Topspin and back spin can be fine tuned in a very small degree of spin level to satisfy every player’s specifications
  • Built-in Programs: There are over 10 built-in serve combinations programmed for the player to choose. Serving parameters can separately be set and adjusted as desired by the player. Each combination can be easily toggled at a touch of a button.
  • Examination mode: The settings of this mode are based on the contents and time of each course as required by the Table Tennis Examination Bureau. Two course levels are provided..
  • Fixed mode: Various kinds of serves land continuously at one point to be chosen from 9 possible points as desired by the player.
  • Program mode: A combination of various landings can be set on the entire table as desired by the player. Topspin and backspin serves will land on the points as set under Programs 1-5.
  • Random Mode: Balls land randomly in either long range or short range on 1-9 possible points across the court, with a choice of landings on the entire width of the court, only the left side, or only the right side.
  • Mixed Random Mode: Top and back spin serves will land randomly on the table in long range and short range for a total of 18 possible points, with a choice of landings:
    • a) on the entire width of the table,
    • b) only the left side,
    • c) only the right side.
  • Proper service (where ball is served and lands on both sides of court) is provided.
  • Timer and ball counter is set and shown by digital display.
  • Memory of the previous mode played can be restored for immediate replay.
  • Automatic Ball Recovery: a collection dish automatically feeds returned balls back into the machine, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • 9 spin modes to choose: Topspin, backspin, left-side spin, left-side topspin, left-side backspin, right-side spin, right-side topspin, right-side backspin and no spin (straight).

Free accessories with the model:

  • 1 Ball collection net
  • 1 Handheld ball picker
  • 2 Spare spin gears
  • 70 Double Fish 1-star 40+ poly balls are included

This model operates with 40+ poly balls only.

Click here to download the ES9 Product Manual


Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 22 × 19 in


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